Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hooks vs. Storm

We had our second baseball game today and the boys did great. It is so much fun to watch them and see the game of baseball starting to make sense in their minds. They are definitely getting the hang of getting an out and wanting to get an out. In our division everyone hits and scores so we don't necessarily have a winner, but the boys sure know which team is doing better. Landon had two great hits and a couple of great infield plays. Here are some of the pics I took today from the game. The very first is Landon's two hits. The first one is when he was the last batter of the inning so he got to run all the bases and then slide into home.

I am also working on the opening day video but to update everyone- Landon won his age division in slugfest and he came home with three medals. One for longest hit, one for most consistent and one for overall winner. He was very proud and of course we were extremely excited. He wore his medals for a few days and took them to school to show everyone.

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