Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hooks vs. Storm

We had our second baseball game today and the boys did great. It is so much fun to watch them and see the game of baseball starting to make sense in their minds. They are definitely getting the hang of getting an out and wanting to get an out. In our division everyone hits and scores so we don't necessarily have a winner, but the boys sure know which team is doing better. Landon had two great hits and a couple of great infield plays. Here are some of the pics I took today from the game. The very first is Landon's two hits. The first one is when he was the last batter of the inning so he got to run all the bases and then slide into home.

I am also working on the opening day video but to update everyone- Landon won his age division in slugfest and he came home with three medals. One for longest hit, one for most consistent and one for overall winner. He was very proud and of course we were extremely excited. He wore his medals for a few days and took them to school to show everyone.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was our slugfest for little league. Our boys got to line up and hit ten balls off the tee. They all did so great. Landon was really good and was leading when our team was over. Now we were the first team to hit so hopefully his status will hold. We find out next weekend if he wins any kind of award. Here is his video of him hitting.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

I am attempting to use the blogging app on my new phone so we will see how this goes. I always get the kids something small for valentines and this year was no exception. Reagan was in need of a new rain coat and Landon has been wanting some batting clothes for ever so that is what we got them with just a couple little candy things. My mom also sends them something, so they were very excited Tuesday morning. According to Reagan we celebrate this day to give the people we love presents ( which is why chuck and I give them something ) and they give me presents "because it's my birthday". Has nothing to do with them loving me. Ha! This was the first year Landon realized that Reagan got flowers and candy and he didn't. He was quite saddened by this and it didn't set well with him. Poor guy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Sing

I know its been a while and I have completely skipped Halloween, but this is very cute. Reagan and Landon have been attending childrens choir at our church and Reagan's choir opened our church service this morning. I wish I had been recording when Reagan was practicing and noticed that Chuck was standing in the back of the church. He is in the middle of working a huge outage at his plant that he is in charge of and was working this morning so he couldn't be there - well as far as Reagan knew. He worked it out to where he left work just long enough to come see her sing. She was so surprised and excited to see him there. After they sang he took her to her sunday school class and went back to work. Here is her choirs singing debut:

please excuse the quality my camera is as old as Reagan and it shows!!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Second Grade Here We Come

Reagan started second grade this week. She was very excited and had a great week. She even got a gold star certificate. This is a certificate that the teachers give out and the principle calls the names out in the afternoon announcements for the whole school to hear. She was VERY excited!!! Her certificate is for being a kind and helpful classmate and student! That's right- she is most definitely teacher's pet! I anticipate a great school year this year. She really loves her teacher and school in general.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

T-ball Time Again

Well, we have started t-ball again. Our little team has done really good so far. Landon has improved so much from last season. He can throw the ball with great accuracy and can even catch the ball about 90 % of the time. He really is a great athlete. He can throw an amazing spiral football for only being 4. When he and Chuck are playing in the front yard people walking by will stop and comment on how great he throws and catches. It really is awesome. He wants nothing to do with watching tv or movies or really even playing with anything else but sports related things. On the playground at school he only wants to throw football or shoot basketball. It will be a good thing that when he gets older he will have to make good grades to play his sport of choice.

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Learning to slide:

Landon wanted to learn to slide this year, so one Sunday afternoon Chuck gave him a lesson in the backyard. He did really good and now slides into EVERY base!! At the end of this slideshow two different videos should play of him sliding into the his bases in the yard. It was so much fun to watch the two of them doing what they both love to do so much. Play baseball!!

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First Grade Field Trip

A few weeks ago we went on Reagan's first grade field trip. It was so much fun. We went to the Houston Zoo! There was so many parent volunteers from our classroom that we only had a couple of kids to watch. Our group toured the zoo with another group and just let me say that by the end of our time they were exhausted! It was the best field trip so far!!!

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